Thankfully, these things can be fixed.

When you’re a freelance writer, it almost feels like you can do no wrong. There’s no one above you to say otherwise, and no performance reviews to consider. Instead, there’s freedom. Sweet, you-are-your-own-boss freedom. Let’s say you want to work in a coffee shop one afternoon, only to finish typing…

Follow these steps to get a byline.

a sandwich, a bag of chips, a magazine, and sunglasses on a table

Let’s start out by stating the obvious: Freelance writing is hard. Really, really hard. While outdated stereotypes perpetuate the idea that freelance writers are either Carrie Bradshaw or couch potatoes, the truth is often far from both.

As most Sex and the City…

The Special Olympics World Games LA2015 highlights athletes whose stories exemplify the diversity of the human experience. But that experience is shared by all, and we need more action to make it inclusive.

For the past eight months, I’ve been learning the stories at the heart of the Special Olympics World Games. These stories were told to me by excited athletes ready to compete, proud parents remembering the early days of training and coaches remarking on the hard work of their teams. This…

Going With The Wind While Striving For The Gold

Michael Crofton and John Kirkland will work hard for Team U.S.A. in the World Games, but they’re doing so with laid-back attitudes.

When Michael Crofton and John Kirkland compete in the Special Olympics World Games on July 30, there will be plenty of challenges on the horizon.

This will be their first World Games as a team, and their first time to Los Angeles. While they have sailed in the ocean, they’ve…

Kelly Dawson

writer and editor based in L.A. | | @atthecrosswalk

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